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“Fantastic! Now that´s a winner!”


“Hubble-Bubble can draw!”

The Witch and the Wardrobe - no Lion, though...=)

Want to play with my amazing Worst Witch Paperdolls? Copy each doll and her clothes separately to your puter by using “save as” and print them out ...if you want to enlarge or shrink them, you must remember to use the same rate of size change on all items - or the clothes won´t fit the dolls... (of course, if you´re too lazy or too clumsy to print anything out, you can mail me and I´ll send you a copy of the dolly...=) Best paste the dolls first on a cardboard sheet and cut them out then before playing with them... and cut two slits at the two marks next to the dolls´ feet and slip two long cardboard strips in so they stick out in back and in front - then the dolls can stand upright. Now go ahead and enjoy yourselves...


Please scroll further to the right and further down  to view all of Mildred´s wardrobe...so you can let her play in the snow, help messing up the potion lab, go to the funfair, dress up as ghost, sneak off at night to nick pizza from the kitchen or attend a halloween celebration... There are seven amazing Mildred outfits altogether - have fun!

“Once again - we have been far too lenient with that girl!”


Mildred´s Schooluniform

Mildred´s been helping in the potion lab - and hardly broke anything!


Mildred Hubble

Tsktsk - Mil has been sneaking off to the funfair secretly - not even wearing an uniform! What will HB say?!?? Mind that you don´t cut off the balloons by mistake...

Mildred dressed up as wicked witch (regard the typical long warty green nose...) for playing trick or treat with her friends. Don´t drop the pumpkin, Mil!


Mildred´s playing in the snow - my, it´s almost always freezing up at Cackle´s ... Do I spot a snowball in her hand with Ethel Hallow´s name printed on it???


Well, well - and who got caught sneaking down to the kitchen-dungeon at night, snatching a piece of pizza (with everything on it) for a midnight feast? That will mean twohundred lines of “I must not be greedy and secretly eating unwholesome food!” Pick up your pillow, Miss Hubble, and straight back to bed!


Put on Millie´s hat - she´s got to wear her hair loose for Halloween - and her best gown, so she can meet the Grand Wizard and rescue her frog friend Algernon Rowan Webb...

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