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“Spells are not like potions - they are not! They are more like encouraging a very peculiar accident to happen..”


“Try not to flee - I have a deadly spell at the ready!”

Spell for levitation: Altus, alta, alto - altissima°

And for bringing things or creatures down again: Atma, Agba, Sansiba Calendula! (or: Sabbata Cantata, as it says in the books...)

Feel hungry? Wnat to turn your hat or anything else into a cake or a pizza? Try this then (but remember that magical food will never really *fill you up*... Alacazam - alacazoo!

For turning people into Pigs: Alverix Orcus - Transfrogamorphus - spotticus, trotticus - transferus porcus!

For turning people into donkeys: Alverix Orcus, transfrogamorphus, floppylog donkeybrae, transferus asinae!

A very important reversing spell which will fix most things: Reversus Revolvus- returnus resolvus - illio, allio - redux, reducio!” (Don´t pronounce that one wrong, girls!)

Another spell which will restore shrunken things or beings to their original size: Reversus Revolvus- Returnus Resolvus - illio, allio - magnos magnifico!

For freeing enslaved peasants from a wicked baron: “Incantatus liberatus”

For making people´s feet root into the ground: “Alverix Orcus, transfrogamorphus, arborus rutus, transferus pedimus!”

For bringing down the scenery of a makeshift theatre set upon your enemy´s head: Timber defendus, on foe descendus

For making a brush scrub the floor all on it´s own: Auto rubbum, solo scrubbum, bazillus virus eradicatum

For making a P.E. horse come to life: Inanimus equus, metamorphus, ipso facto bucking broncus!

For teletransporting people or yourself around (beware, you can end up almost anywhere...): Hocus pocus, habeas corpus(or: luminus focus), tempus tempore nunc transportus

For making a leadweight rucksack light as air: Hareatus, impregnatus, res inflaetus, omnes flatus

For creating a devastating storm: Veni, veni, Hurricane, inimatae tempestatae

For creating a delicious cool fizzy drink: Incantatus biberatus, tri bone desperatus dissipatus areatus.


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