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“Strictly speaking, a witch could fly in a helicopter, Miss Drill, but that would hardly inspire confidence!”


“Banana broom, banana broom  -    Fly safely through that tunnel of doom!”

So now you have passed your Cackle´s Broomstick Basic Aptitude Test, you will be able to fly your broomstick properly without crashing into things - hopefully...

So if you have to leave this page.. *tries not to look gruntled* - well, then go ahead: Here´s some links for you to take of to.... =)

First some *unofficial sites* - that is: The people who put them up don´t earn any money by doing that - so they deserve extra praise!

Evil Gnome´s Worst Witch Site: A cool and spiffy site with lots of fanfics, a msg board, an elaborate ep guide and all sorts of funny things...Visit the gnome sitting on her toadstool - and don´t forget to bring the Auntie a bunch of flowers !

Davinci´s Worst Witch Site: Frequently updated, hosts the biggest WW pic collection and a sound file site with lots of captures from the TV series - among other stuff such as a msg board and interviews..

Dozer´s Worst Witch Site: Another great site with lots of never seen before screengrabs done by the Doze herself... also a msg board and more fun stuff.. The Dozer, however hasn´t been around since December or so - so there´s no frequent update. Let´s hope she might return some day...

Sphinx´s Worst Witch Site: Got a *Catch-yourself-a-Prince* page and important literature, such as HB´s views on men... (Lizzy Sphinx hasn´t been spotted for quite some time and her page by now is under construction. I hope she´ll update it some time...

Seems´ Pin Board: A msg board where WW fans use to hang out... Go and bring the Seems a drink! =)

Firefly´s Messageboard doesn´t exactly focus on the Worst Witch, but it´s worth looking at...

Cassandra´s Site: It´s kind of new... got a msg board - check it out!

Maggie´s Site: Bit small yet, but brandnew! Maggie´s Kate Duchêne page... By now Maggie made a new Kate Duchêne page here - but the old one is still working.

Mystic´s Gallery with many Worst Witch pics.

Jennifer Moonbeam´s site features mainly the Wyrdsister College episode - which I´m not too fond of - but her page is cool and holds some good fanfic and fanart, so check it out.

Spanish WW site: If you´re capable of reading and understanding spanish, have a look then!

Now we come to the official sites:

You can buy the Worst Witch Books by Jill Murphy from Amazon - as well as the Videos of the first season... If you live in Canada or US, mind that the Vids will be in PAL and won´t play on your NTSC recorder unless you convert them...

It seems that CITV finished showing the Worst Witch - at least the series hasn´t been on there for ages. However, Nickleodeon has been showing the Worst Witch in UK and Australia - and they´ve got a fancy new Nickleodeon Worst Witch Page about it. (They call Mildred Matilda and Miss Cackle Miss Bat - which is rather weird. But they´ve got nice new pics and a computer game and msg boards, so check them out.)

The CITV Site: Citv is a children´s channel which shows the WW in the United Kingdom. While the series is on, they´ve got a pinboard where you can post msgs about your favourite witches... And you can also make sure when the series will be aired...

Galafilm: Galafilm produces the WW along with ITV in UK - They´ve got a main page about the films and series they produce - and there you can find the link to their main WW page with some video captures from the series and an ep guide... They´ve also got a new site about the sequel of Worst Witch, Weirdsister College.

YTV Site: YTV shows the WW in Canada - Unfortunately they don´t have a site for it, but on their schedule page you can check on the airing time..

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