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“These are witches and wizards - keep them apart, they are relatively harmless - put them together and itīs a desaster, waiting to happen!”

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Have you always wondered about the prominent members of our Academy?

Use the crystal balls  and get some details:

The Staff:

Miss Cackle (Headmistress) - kind and understanding mostly...

Miss Hardbroom (Deputy head and formmistress of Milīs): stern, strict and horrifying... Beware!

Miss Bat (chanting mistress): batty as a bat allright... and really funny

Miss Drill (PE teacher): the only nonwitch of the staff... and guess whether she likes it?

Miss Crotchet (Miss Batīs substitute): usually rather meek

The pupils:

Mildred Hubble: The heroine of this school story - clumsy, amiable and struggling through...

Maud Moonshine: Her first and best friend

Enid Nightshade: Born mischiefmaker and also close friend of Mildredīs

Ruby Cherrytree and Jadu Wali:  the mad scientist and the peacemaker... buddies of the above...

Ethel Hallow: Mildredīs evil fiend... believe me, sheīs  a bad girl!

Drusilla Paddock: Ethelīs sidekick - likes to bully people - also likes chips

Fenella Feverfew and Griselda Blackwood: Best friends, cronies of Mildredīs and always ready to distribute lots of advice...

Sibyl Hallow and Clarice Crow: witchy youngsters looking for trouble...

Further Staff:

Mrs Tapioca (cook): round and jolly - with a soft spot for girls who like her pasta better than liver and onions...later replaced by Mrs Semolina

Mr Frank Blossom (janitor): Invents all kinds of useful contraptions that wonīt work...later replaced by his brother, Ted Blossom. Their nephew Charlie is rather fond of Mildred..

Some Wizards:

Egbert Helibore (chief wizard): Also called Helli-boring - and for a good reason at that!

Algernon Rowan-Webb: Mildred rescued him from being a frog - so he likes her...

Merlin: Apprentice of Algernonīs - and a very, very good friend of Mildredīs ...

Barry Dragonsbane and Gary Grailsquest: two nasty wizard pupils who hate Mildred and her friends...


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