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Season 1           Season 2               Season 3            Season 4

Well now - I actually mean to put down a summary for every episode listed here. By now I haven´t put up with typing them all down. Just you wait..


Season One:

1) Battle of the Broomsticks

2) When we feast at the Midnight Hour

3) A Pig in a Poke

4) A Mean Halloween

5) Double Double Toil and Trouble

6) Monkey Business

7) Miss Cackle´s Birthday Surprise

8) The Great Outdoors

9) The Heat is on

10) Sorcery and Chips

11) Let them eat Cake

12) Sweet-talking Guys

13) Like a Bolt out of the Blue


Season 2:

1) Old Hats, new Brooms

2) Alarms and Diversions

3) A Frog´s Life

4)Crumpets for Tea

5) An Inspector Calls

6)Animal magic

7) Carried away

8) The Dragon´s Hoard

9) The Magic Lamp

10)Up in the Air

11)Fair is foul and Fouls are fair

12) Green Fingers and Thumbs

13) The Millennium Bug


Season 3:

1) The Secret Society

2) An unforgettable Experience

3)Which Witch?

4)The Witchy Hour

5)Learning the Hard Way

6) The Hair Witch Experiment

7)Just like Clockwork

8)Art Wars

9)Power Drill

10)Better Dead than Co-Ed

11)The Lost Chord

12) The Unfairground

13)The Uninvited

14) Christmas Special: Cinderella in Boots


Season Four: The Wyrdsister Years

1) The All-Seeing Eye

2) Never on Fridays

3) The Gargoyle

4) The End of Misery´s

5) All that Jazz

6) Dreamcatcher

7) Dr Foster, I presume?

8) The Seventh Sense

9) The Golden Cauldron

10) Good Friends

11) Shaky Foundations

12) The Whisperer

13) The Gate to Power


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