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“I suggest that you practise very very hard indeed!”


“Up and Away!”

“Itīs time for a crackdown, Miss Cackle!”


“Miss Hardbroom had her reservations...”


Good morning, pupils - and welcome to todayīs Assembly.

Take a seat immediately and stop whispering at the back! Yes, itīs you Iīm talking to!

September 23rd 2003: Time for another little update... Finally, there are some portraits up in the fanart section - I hope youīll like them. Take the direct shortcut to the Worst Witch Gallery here - and click on every portrait if you want to see the full-size version.

August 19th 2003: Lots of new odds and ends for you in another update...  I put up some new fanfics in the libary section - for the first time stories and poems written by other authors than me - hooray! =) You can take the direct link to those new fanfics from here. And there are new links to other fanfic pages to be found in the Library.    I also fixed the Language Skills page,  added lots of new informations and deleted outdated stuff, also now the page is much easier to browse. Here you can look up how to buy books, audiobooks DVDs or video tapes in foreign languages, compare the charactersī names and episode titles of several dubbed versions and learn where  the Worst Witch is aired all over the World. I put up the german and french lyrics for the school song on the Chanting Page.  And I finally remembered to add the Wyrdsister episode titles to the episode list on the Myth and Legends Page. Also, after some unpleasant events, Iīm really fed up with people who are too lazy to come up with something original for making their own websites. So Iīve made a new rule for copying in general: If you feel like copying stuff from my site for your site - just ask me first. I donīt hold any WW copyright and I like to share my stuff with others. But it took me lots of time and tedious work to collect all the informations youīll find here and to piece them together. So the fair thing to do is a) to ask me first if U want to borrow things, b)  to add a note to your site telling which stuff you got from mine and put up a link. Also, donīt nick texts Iīve written and pretend they are yours - or nick ideas for new website features and pretend youīve had them. Donīt steal my fanfics or my spells or quotation pages etc. No, Iīm not rambling - this has already happened and it didnīt please me at all. The list of stuff some people (well, the two Iīve in mind will know who Iīm talking about) thought they might nick is endless by now.  So finally Iīve had it once and for all. Think for yourself and come up with some ideas of your own, how about that? Right... The next person who tries to rip my site will be cursed good and proper. So watch out...

April 30th/May 1rst 2003: Tonight itīs what they call Walpurgisnacht in Germany - a sort of Halloween, only even more evil - witches and demons are dancing all night on the Blocksberg. An appropriate occasion for another update... Once more, I added more stuff to the Kate Duchęne page - two autographs to be viewed here - thanks to Miss Duchęne for providing them - I should have gotten at least the first one online months ago, but my scanner takes lots of attention and gently kicks... Besides, I finally put up all the new outfits for our Mildred Paperdoll - seven altogether - so you can now make Mildred have a snowballfight, nick pizza at night, dress up for halloween, work in the potionlab, go to the funfair or have other sorts of adventures... Have fun!

April 16th 2003: Ah now - Itīs been some while since I made another update, so it was due by now.  I made a new page for Felicity Jones who has just got a new role at BBC - and I updated the Kate Duchęne page - mainly the filmography and the theatre record - plus, I fixed some links on the Broomstick Practise Page to other Worst Witch sites  - or added new links to sites which have appeared since I made the last update. Enjoy and always keep your bootlaces tied up....

November 24th 2002: Well - we havenīt had any update for quite some time. But we have one now. I fixed all the screwed up links on the cast site and first and foremost added several new pages to the cast section containing more pics of various cast members and news about what they have been up to lately. U can either check the History/Cast/TV series pages or just click here to find new infos about:

Clare Coulter,

Kate Duchene,

Jessica Fox,

Claire Porter

and Una Stubbs.

April 28th 2002: Well, itīs been time for a little update. A new fanfic is up which can be found in the library section: As Terms roll by

And Iīve added some more pics, facts and reviews to the Clare Coulter/KateDuchene site - and  a link to Maggieīs site. Besides, I fixed the broken link to the guest book.

As undoubtedly you will have observed - this Worst Witch Website is brand new... So thatīs the big topic for the newssection for now. Just now every single page is a piece of news - so go on exploring!

Make sure not to disappoint my high-strung expectations... f.e. by neglecting my msg board or so... or I will get terribly cranky!!! (And now, who would dare to make Miss Cat go cranky...=)

Any new stuff added to the site will be announced here - so donīt forget to check now and then...

Witchy greetinx from your web-mistress,                                     

 Miss Cat

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