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“There´ll always be a welcome at Camelots.”

Egbert Helibore

“Fear not, your majesty, I said - I shall save the day! Brushing aside the trembling king, I took hold of my staff and...”

Wizards don´t fly so well...”


Egbert Helibore is the Grand Wizard - and a VIP indeed. The staff of Cackles tries hard to please him by distributing snacks and listening to endless boring tales about his great career. Yet they are not too fond of him and his chauvinist attitudes about differences between witches and wizards (according to him, wizards are better in any respect..). His pupils, specially Barry and Gary adopt this idea - and have soon to regret it...

When dealing with the Cackleites, pupils and staff alike, however, the Grand Wizard has to admit that this motto won´t be able to hold its ground against the combined witch-power...

At first, the Grand Wizard (for once agreeing with Miss Hardbroom ) is not a fan of Mildred who spoils the great Halloween Celebration by landing on his lap. But when his old friend, Algernon Rowan-Webb, gets rescued from his long-lasting frogdom by the aforesaid pupil, Helibore reconsiders and finds that Mildred is not so useless after all.

Played by Richard Durden

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