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Felicity Jones starred as “Ethel Hallow”, Mildred´s sworn enemy and Drusilla´s boss and best buddy -  in the first season of the “Worst Witch” - and also in the same part as “Ethel Hallow” in the last season of “Worst Witch” - also known as “Wyrdsister College”.

Before becoming “Ethel Hallow”, Felicity worked for the TV adaption of the “Treasure Seekers” - playing the role of Alice, the younger sister of a motherless family of six children - the “Bastables”, four boys and two girls, deadset on bestowing their failing family fortune with riches, yet failing - though having plenty of adventures. If you want to read the Treasure Seekers novels, look for Edith Nesbit´s “The Treasure Seekers”, “The New Treasure Seekers” and “The Wouldbegoods”. Though written and published around 1900, those books are still a treat to read and can be easily achieved in modern paperback editions (f.e. Puffin Classics).

In between working for season one and four, Felicity Jones has been spotted in some commercials in 2000 - and now the BBC have casted her for the role of nursemaid and house maid “Grace May” in “Servants” - obviously a series about the life of servants in the 19th century, which has been filmed till February 2003 and will be shown on BBC this year (see article below).


The pics above borrowed from dreamstarlets.com.


Felicity as “Grace May” - This pic borrowed from bbc.co.uk

This Article also from bbc.com:
Servants is bold and irreverent, written by Lucy Gannon who's known for such TV hits as Soldier, Soldier, Bramwell, Hope and Glory and Insiders. Set below stairs in a country house in 1850s England, the drama focuses on the ambitions of the servants who make the household work.

Servants enters Taplows, the Struges Borne family seat, not through the elegant facade of it's portico but by the back stairs. Like the scenes depicted in Oscar-winning film Gosford Park, life below stairs is a hive of activity and a hidden, yet thriving, community.
Intrigue, rivalry, secrets, laughter and love are all present - and portrayed by a cast including Joe Absolom (Stan the Man, EastEnders) as second footman, Orla Brady (Pure Wickedness) as housekeeper, Christopher Fulford (Detox opposite Sylvester Stallone) as head butler, Kenny Doughty (The Second Coming) as first footman, and Felicity Jones (The Worst Witch) as nursemaid and housemaid.
The drama is directed by Tim Whitby and Hettie Macdonald. Whitby previously directed award-winning Cold Feet.Writer Lucy Gannon was concerned with what really mattered to the early Victorian working classes and how they lived. "What's really interesting about this era is that it was before Queen Victoria lost Albert and went into interminable mourning. There wasn't that air of po-facedness about this time, the sort of pious uprightness that we think of as typically Victorian".
Gannon goes on to state that, "What is a real eye-opener is how very similar ordinary people were to us today. Despite social and economic restrictions, they were fun, loving and aspirant. Their language is colourful and energetic, splattered with swear words. It is notable how many choice words haven't changed over the years!."

Cast Credits:
Jarvis - Christopher Fulford ¦ Flora Ryan - Orla Brady ¦ George Cosmo - Joe Absolom ¦ Grace May - Felicity Jones ¦ William Forest - Kenny Doughty


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