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“Brooms can sometimes offend - isn´t that true, Miss Hard-BROOM?”

“All is not well, mon capitan - they have brought their secret weapon!”


This is the all-time favourite HB Quote Collection:


“I said: Lights out! At once!”

“Plugged into the beat again, are we, Ruby Cherrytree?”

“Off you go, Mildred Hubble! Every eye in the school is upon you!”

“I believe you shall live to regret that decision, Miss Cackle! I believe we all will!”

“300 lines: I must not fill my mouth with disgusting rubbish!”

“You may take your seat - in SILENCE!”

“Fanciful and inaccurate...!”

“I shall expect clean plates from evry single one of you - that will be something magic to write home about!”

“We should set an example!”

“It´s time for a crackdown, Miss Cackle - they´re filling up on sweets rather than eating their dinners!”

“There are indeed, Mildred,  some very badly behaved young witches whom I see every day. And there are indeed a few truly wicked witches. They do not, however, have long pointy green noses - and you can not escape from them by hiding behind the door, Ruby Cherrytree!”

“Fenella and Griselda wailing and girating - is this the sort of thing that is likely to impress the Grand Wizard?”

“This is what comes of trying to be fair...”

“Confidence and control, Mildred - that´s the secret of success!”

“I don´t like to make predictions, Miss Cackle, not even on Halloween, but I think we´re all due for a very pleasant surprise.”

“The traditions of the past train the witches of the future, Your Honour!”

“It was Halloween, Miss Drill - there were quite a few witches about...I suppose they had long warty noses and green skin...”

“We should get rid of those short sleeved blouses! Pure vanity...”

“Mildred, it will be your special job to look after Enid. I should like to point out that this is not my idea, but some strange notion of Miss Cackle´s to try to turn you into a decent member of the community. Personally, I feel it a great loss to send young Enid down the path of misfortune with you.”

“Healthy bodies and healthy minds!”

“I don´t take kindly to being called old love. Impertinent, I call it, and over-familiar!”

“I will not agree to forsake the cloth of my calling and parade about halfdressed.”

“What do you think you´re all staring at, girls? Have you never seen a woman in a bonnet before?”

“If Miss Drill says there will be no magic, there will be no magic! (And on your own head be it!)”

“Young man, I have been patient - there´s plenty of fraternisation going on out there, but pretty little decamping. We hired the site first, it´s getting late and your group will just have to move on.”

“This will all end in tears!”

“I don´t ususally check the broomshed roof, except of course when I see four pairs of boots looking as though they´ve fallen of the sky and I hear a sound quite unlike the cry of angels...”

“Well, I´m glad you´Re all well rested, Mildred, because I´ve just conducted a tidiness inspection and class one´s lunch break is going to be very busy indeed.”

There are no syccamore trees out there, Miss Bat, and there´s pretty little harmony either, it´s all lax and flabby.”

“I´ve had quite enough of it from this class today and from some more than enough.”

“When you have finished with “I must not store putrifying salad in my locker”, Mildred, you can start on twohundred lines of “I must be more careful how I dispose of my disgustingly mouldy leftovers.”

“I´m warning you : if you think it´s hot now, it´s nothing to how hot it will get it this slovenliness and bad behaviour doesn´t impreove forthwith.”

“Midsummer madness: it starts with undone bootlaces and ends with bare feet and body-piercing! It´s time for an immediate crackdown, Miss Cackle - a return to basics!”

“What on earth is that appalling racket?”

“Well, if Miss Bat always locks herself into the staffroom cupboard and expects us to say pretty please, sausages turn round three times, touch green and bring her a bowl of fruit salad before she dains to come out - what else does she expect?”


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