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“Cooking, plumbing, catching stray pigs... we can do all that and more!”

Mrs Maria Tapioca

“Povere bambina - you no like liver and onions, no?”


Mrs Tapioca is the school cook - and her realm is situated down in the dungeons. Therefore the food is always cold when it arrives at the table in the great hall - not that it was very appetizing when it was still hot. This, however, is not Mrs Tapioca´s fault. She is magnificent at producing tasty pasta dishes - yet at Cackle´s tradition prevails - and tradition means “meat and two veggies” at any time. Mildred and her friends manage to convince Miss Cackle that one pizza day (the glorious saturday) would add a nice change to the menu - much to the discomfort of Miss Hardbroom who doesn´t approve of tasty food at all. She and the cook are not on best terms - while Mildred and the other pupils and also the castle´s caretaker, Frank Blossom, always try to butter Mrs Tapioca up - because that means secret helpings of delicious lasagna or cake..

Unfortunately Mrs Tapioca had to leave during the second season and was replaced by Mrs Semolina - who is less generous with scrumptious food. Yet Mrs Tapioca did return in time to bake the famous cake which Mildred took to Charlie at his wizard college...

Played by Annette Badland - Mrs Semolina played by Flaminia Cinque

Frank Blossom

“Blossom´s Patent Painless Cheeseprotector will do the trick!”


Frank Blossom is the caretaker at Cackle´s - but he´s also a great inventor of all kind of contraptions - broomstick flight simulators, alarm systems and Patent Painless Cheeseprotectors included. Unfortunately, most of his inventions won´t work - and even if they happen to do so, the staff won´t appreciate them - and for  the pupils they are merely a source of great mirth. Still, Frank never gives up working out elaborate machinery to make the life at the castle less medieval..

Mostly he is engaged, though, in trying to prevent the castle from crumbling to ruins. Rusty drains, fungus growing under the beds, creaking steps and shaky pillars offer a wide range for do-it-yourself work - and in between there´s piglets to catch, kittens to distribute or monkeys to chase...

Frank has got two brothers -  Ted, who takes over the caretaker´s job in season 3 when Frank moves to Horticulture college (being a passionate gardener and great admirer of well-grown marrows) - and also another nameless brother whose son Charlie pays repeatedly visits to the Academy (and has quite a crush on Mildred...)

Played by Berwick Kaler

Charlie Blossom

“I want to be a witch - erm, wizard - more than anything!”


Charlie Blossom hangs out at the school quite a lot - he even tries hard to enroll as a pupil (“I want to be a witch!”), but this is at first prevented by Miss Hardbroom, though Miss Cackle was willing to give him a change. Charlie (not even being put off by the scary formmistress and her gruesome entrance tests) still is desperate to join his friend Mildred and her classmates who finally detect the Founder´s Day clause. But by the time that the caretaker´s nephew is actually invited to be a *pupil on trial* he has discovered that his ideas about a witches´ school have been indeed *far too romantic*.

Later he enrolls at Camelot College instead - along with Barry and Gary - and discovers that life as a wizard is not a piece of cake either...

Starring as the prince in the Christmas pageant he finally gets to kiss his admired Millie - yet as she is able to magic up her own Prince Percy - what chance does he stand?

Played by Nicolas Pepper







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