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Yup - I nicked this pic from Galafilm - sorry, guys, please don´t sue me. Remember, I´m not making any money from this. And I might replace it once I find another decent pic of the cast.


So you´re here to learn about the amazing WW telly series - well, sit down now, have a cookie and listen:

First some short infos about the series in general - and then I´ll give you the cast list and some nice pics and biographies of some of the actresses and actors involved. All you´ll have to do is to click on the blue name of the character - that will take you to the character section - or on the red name of the actresses which will take you to a special page about the actress in question. Further down  there´s also an article about the WW.

The TV series about the Worst Witch is based on Jill Murphy´s Worst Witch books and it was produced by Galafilm. In Autumn 1998, the first season was aired in UK and Canada, later it was also shown in a Mexico, Germany, Finland, Poland, US, Australia and likely in France. In Autumn 1999 the second season and in Autumn 2000 the third season was aired in UK and Canada - and later in other countries as well. Every summer, the witches would resume producing another 13 episodes of a new season - currently the fourth season is on air in Canada, though there have been no rumours so far when and if it will be shown in the UK as well. The fourth season actually is a kind of a sideshow and features Mildred´s (the series heroine) adventures at uni, while the first three seasons are set at Cackle´s Academy - the worthy witches school on top of a mountain. Dull food, wandering ghosts and decrepit buildings are the basic paraphernalia at Cackles - and here the young witches and their teachers have to dwell and struggle through the daily hardship of lessons and magical adventures.

Now for the cast of this outstanding series: As most of the actresses are quite young, there is not so much to report about their biography so far - it mostly involves school and filming for the WW seasons during summer holidays. However, some of them - and most of the elder actresses which play the teachers - have already piled up quite a lot of appearances on telly and on stage.

Cast list:

Miss Amelia Cackle    -     Clare Coulter

Miss Constance Hardbroom     -     Kate Duchene

Miss Davina Bat     -    Una Stubbs

Miss Lavinia Crotchet    -   Polly James

Miss Imogen Drill    -   Claire Porter

Mildred Hubble    -    Georgina Sherrington

Maud Moonshine - Emma Jayne Brown

Enid Nightshade - Jessica Fox

Ruby Cherrytree - Joanna Dyce

Jadu Wali - Harshna Brahmblatt

Ethel Hallow -Felicity Jones (season 1& 4 )/Katy Allen (season 2 &3)

Drusilla Paddock - Holly Rivers

Fenella Feverfew - Julia Malewski (season 1 & 2)/ Emily Stride (season 3)

Griselda Blackwood - Poppy Gaye

Clarice Crow - Georgina Isla Graham

Sibyl Hallow - Charlotte Knowles

Mr Frank Blossom - Berwick Kaler

Mrs Maria Tapioca - Annette Badland

Mrs Semolina - Flaminia Cinque

Charlie Blossom - Nicolas Pepper

Egbert Hellibore - Richard Durden

Algernon Rowan-Webb - Paul Copley

Merlin Langstaff - Guy Witcher

Garry Grailsquest - Anthony Hamblin

Barry Dragonsbane - Paul Child

Mr Hallow - Patrick Pearson

Miss Heckitty Broomhead - Janet Henfry

Agatha Cackle - Clare Coulter

Melitta Coldstone - Jackie Webb

Betty Bindweed - Jenny Mc Cracken

Mrs Cosy - Sheena Larkin

Serge Dubois - Patrick Labbè

The Geminis at 15 - Any Witch way she can

by Samantha Yaffe
page 26

The Worst Witch is the top-rated children's drama series on Britain's itv, and its increasing popularity in Canada is marked by its Gemini nomination this year for best children's or youth program or series.

The roughly $8-million, 13-part, half-hour series is a tripartite coproduction of London, Eng.-based htv and Global Arts and Montreal's Galafilm.

Based on the popular children's books by Jill Murphy, the series, now entering its third season, follows the day-to-day life of the accident-prone Mildred Hubble. A student at Crackle's Academy of trainee witches, Hubble, the first witch in her family, faces extraordinary challenges as she attempts to learn such basic witch skills as flying a broom.

"[The series] has an Addams Family kind of feel to it," says line producer Ian Whitehead.

But what's truly unique is that all the lead characters are girls and the cast includes 15 regular characters.

Although the series targets an eight- to 10-year-old female demographic, "a lot of adults watch it because it's not dumbed-down for kids and it's not slapstick humor," says Whitehead.

Produced by Angela Beeching and Michael Haggiag of Global Arts and directed by Andrew Morgan, John Smith and Stephan Pleszczynski, the series is mostly shot in studio in London, with some episodes lensed in Montreal.

Special effects are required for broom flying, disappearing, zaps and flashes, and tornado simulation, but Whitehead says the production devotes most of its money to the elaborate sets, the writing and the large cast.

In Canada, the series is broadcast on ytv, tfo and Radio-Canada. It airs on hbo in the u.s.

While all the characters speak with a British accent, the series was dubbed into "American English" to help sell it in the u.s. - an idea courtesy of exec producer and Galafilm principal Arnie Gelbart.

Cast includes Georgina Sherrington, who recently won a Hollywood Young Artist Award for her lead role on the series, Toronto-based theatre actor Clare Coulter and British-born Una Stubbs.

Writers on the series include Martin Riley, Garry Lyons, Clive Endersby and David Finley. As is often the case with children's series, The Worst Witch's production team has been forced to consider what to do with the program as the teenage girls become young women. Sending the kids to college in the fourth season and developing a feature film out of the show are two directions under consideration. London-based Hel has worldwide distribution of The Worst Witch except for Canada, where Galafilm holds rights. htv's Dan Maddicott, Gelbart and Haggiag are exec producers. *


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